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The Celebrities That Went To College

There has been a debate in the last few decades on whether one should go to college or not. You need to learn that there are people who think this idea is true while others oppose. You need to appreciate that there are individuals who can be used as an example in explaining the benefits of education even if people’s opinions vary. You will understand the need for spicing up your life after realizing the kind of world that we are living in today. It should be noted that one of the ways through which you can do better in life is by having a proper education. Having a good certificate can be a gateway to better opportunities. You should know that there is a need for everyone to go to college whether they are talented or not.

Some people feel that when they have money, there is no need for studying. It is so sad that there are people who still believe in such not knowing that education is very important for their enlightenment. You should know that there are some successful individual who has made a step to show people the importance of education. You will notice that some of these people can be found in some memorable books and sites in society. Some of these names are outlined in this article.

The first one is Alec Baldwin. You are supposed to know that Alec is a comedian that is renowned and also an actor. Before getting to the point where he is now, he went through education. Alec has a successful career in TV and films before he proceeded to act. He is an alumnus of George Washington University where he did political science.

The other celebrity is Adam Sandler. You should know that this individual is always on TV with his jokes. Many people are inspired by this person although there is an aspect of his life that they do not understand. Adam was a successful student who went through college although comedy was on his mind even at that time.

The other individual that should not be forgotten is Art Garfunkel. You need to understand that the world acknowledges Art as a folk singer with great talent. You should understand that Arty went through Columbia University and pursued art history before proceeding.

It is also important to appreciate Arnold Schwarzenegger who is best known for politics, acting and bodybuilding. It should be noted that Carrie Underwood also became a singer and hosted several TV shows only after studying. Brooke Shields and Chevy Chase also very successful in the world today but they passed through some formal education before reaching where they are.

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